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40 watt UV Sterilizer

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AU40UV - AQUA 40 watt UV Sterilizer - 2" Ports - Black

Ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers are a very effective way to control green water algae in ponds, as well as control other unwanted elements. UV Sterilizers can also be used to control the amount of harmful bacteria and parasites in your pond, while creating a healthier environment for your pond ecosystem. When using UV Sterilizers as a water clarifier, it will clear your pond of green water algae quickly and effectively, without the use of algaecides.

  • UV Sterilizers Get Rid of Green Water
  • Manufacturer Guaranteed!
  • Kills Floating Algae/ Eliminates "Pea-Soup"
  • Kills Bacteria & Parasites in Pond Water
  • Enhances UV Sterilization Filtration
  • Designed for Outdoor Use
  • Lifetime Housing Warranty
  • Industry's Longest Lamp Life
  • 25 Year Leader in UV Innovation

Item # Model Black UV Sterilizers Max Flow Pond Size Sterilizer Pond Size Clarifier
AU25UV 25 Watt 2" Ports; Black: Unions 1200 gph 500-1200 gal 4000 gal
AU40UV 40 Watt 2" Ports; Black: Unions 2900 gph 1200-2200 gal 6000 gal
AU80UV 80 Watt 2" Ports; Black: Unions 3678 gph 2200-4400 gal 9000 gal
AU120UV 120 Watt 2" Ports; Black: Unions 4080 gph 4400-6000 gal 12000 gal
AU160UV 160 Watt 2" Ports; Black: Unions 5400 gph 6000-8500 gal 16000 gal
AU200UV 200 Watt 2" Ports; Black: Unions 6600 gph 8500-13000 gal 20000 gal
AU240UV 240 Watt 2" Ports; Black: Unions 7200 gph 13000-17000 gal 25000 gal
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