Double Spillway Bowl Kit

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A Colorful New Twist on the Sugar Kettle

Introducing one of our newest metal fountain kits, the Double Spillway Bowl Kit. It creates two different water movements in one awesome water feature! Beautiful aqua patina sets off two brass fountain bowls and pedestal. A spouted bowl sits on the pedestal bubbling and pouring a perpetual little garden waterfall into the larger un-spouted sugar-style bowl, which overfills spills onto the ground below. It’s so classically clever! As always, Blue Thumb kits come complete with molded basin, pump and plumbing for easy installation and minimal customer care.

Kit includes:

• 34" Diameter Bowl with a 12" Spout, weighs 25 lbs
• 40" Diameter Unspouted Bowl, weighs 33.5 lbs
• 12"H Matching Pedestal, weighs 14 lbs
3,200 gph IllumiFlow pump with 2-way manifold
• 1" Tubing
Altum Basin
• 12" x 12" Anti Splash Mat
5 bags Polished Pebbles