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Why Put A Blue Thumb Water Feature in Your Landscape?

It's Attractive

Water attracts your senses. Visually you see the moving water and you are drawn to gaze closer. As you approach a water feature you are filled with the tranquil sounds of the moving water and the wonderful aroma of flowers.

When you have family and friends over, guess where they’re inevitably going to gravitate and congregate? Moving water is mesmerizing and peaceful to look at.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

It's Peaceful & Tranquil

Put down the cell phone, walk away from the television, and immerse yourself into the wonderful world of water features.

The water feature experience is comforting and soothing. It transforms your senses and calms your world. Grab your favorite drink and retire to the patio and soak in the peacefulness of your water feature.

It’s the Zen thing to do!

It's Low Maintenance

Following the trusted Blue Thumb methods of installing water features, your new water feature will be very easy to maintain.

Some of the water features available have little to no maintenance at all. Some will require you to spend 10 minutes a week. It’s your choice. Choose the style that fits your budget as well as your available maintenance time.

Easy peazy, we like it!

It's Cocooning

Why not bring “Up-North” to your backyard? Some of our favorite memories are of sitting around outside near the water.

Bring that waterfront retreat from stress to your home, and enjoy its soothing, comforting benefits everyday.

We can hear the cascading waterfall already!

It's a Good Investment

Many new water feature hobbyists tell us that the money they invested into their water feature was the best money they ever spent.

What is peace of mind worth to you? You’ll be happy to know that an investment in your landscape is the best and most cost effective way to increase the value of your home.

We like the sound of that!

We've Built it to Last

Using Blue Thumb’s quality equipment and components, your new water feature will be built to last and stand the test of time.

We manufacture our products to withstand the elements and be the same 20 years down the road as they are today.

You have our unconditional guarantee on that!

Planning & Inspiration

Pond Planner

A great resource for both the professional and the novice Pond Enthusiast. Design the pond that is right for you. We’ll guide you!

Perfect Your Plans

Schedule a consultation with an Authorized Blue Thumb Contractor for guidance on creating an outdoor space you'll absolutely love!

Inspirations Booklet

“A Picture is worth a 1,000 words” Browse through our Inspiration Booklet detailing our most popular types of water feature options.

Water Feature FAQs

Q: What type of water feature is best?

A: The answer to this question depends on how much space you have available, your budget, and the amount of time you are willing to spend maintaining the feature. Use this website to make the best choice for you & your family, or call our Blue Thumb water feature experts at 888-619-3474.

Q: Can I have fish & aquatic plants?

A: Yes! As long as you have a water garden or pond. Some of the other water features can support plant life but not fish. Adding fish to your pond has a positive effect on the ecosystem and creates a new and exciting element to your feature.

Q: What is the cost?

A: Typically, the installed cost of a water feature will range from $1,000 to $10,000+. The average professional water feature installation is around $3,500 depending on the type of feature and size you choose.

Q: What size is the best?

A: You usually base this on your available space and budget. We always tell people to build as large as they can afford, but not so large that it looks out of place in their landscape. This isn’t a line we use to raise the sales price. Fact is, most people build their water feature 3 times during its lifetime. Why? Because they want it bigger. You'll save money building your dream water feature the first time.

Q: How long does installation take?

A: Most water features can be installed in one day or less with minimal or no damage to your lawn. Some larger water features make take two or three days. For specific details on your project, consult with your local Authorized Blue Thumb Installation Contractor.

Q: Do I need to winterize my water feature?

A: In some cases yes, but it’s easy, and usually just consists of removing the pump to preserve the lifetime of your investment.

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Helpful Water Feature Calculations

Power = Watts
Current (Amps) x Voltage (120v or 230v)

Watts = Current X Voltage

Current = Amps
Power (Watts) / Voltage (120v or 230v)
Amps = Power/Voltage

Electrical Costs

Amps x Voltage / 1000 x KWH Cost x 24hrs x 30days

Liner Size
(Depth x 2) + (Length or Width) + 3

Pump Size

Pond Volume (Gallons)
Volume x 2 = GPH

Surface Area For Square or Rectangle Pond

Length x Width = Sq. Ft.

Surface Area For Circular Pond

Top Diameter x Bottom Diameter x Total Depth x 5.9 = Sq. Ft.

Surface Area For an Oval Pond

(Oval Length x .5) x (Oval Width x .5) x 3.14 = Sq. Ft.

Pump Size – Tubing & Valve Size

500 – 1000 GPH – 1.25”

1000-1500 GPH – 1.25-1.5”

1500-2000 GPH – 1.5-2”

2000-6000 GPH – 2”

6000-10,000 GPH – 3”

10,000-20,000 GPH – 3-4”

Gallons For Square or Rectangle Pond

Length x Width x Avg Depth x 7.48 = Gallons

Gallons For Circular Pond

Diameter x Diameter x Avg. Depth x 5.9 = Gallons

Gallons For an Oval Pond
Length x Width x Depth x 6.7 = Gallons