Sugar Kettle Fountain Kit - 48"

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The Sugar Kettle is primarily a product of the South, where large cotton and sugar plantations were located. Since they were made of cast iron, these vessels were also used for cooking on the plantation. The majority of Sugar Kettles were sent off to be melted down for the nations war efforts during World War 2. We were able to obtain some of these unique treasures and have them reproduced. Our customers use them for planters, water fountains, gardens, and even fire pits. However you choose to use your sugar kettle, it will enhance the beauty of your yard.


Kit Includes:

• 48" Diameter x 19" High Cast Iron Sugar Kettle
• Altum Aquabox Basin
• Additional Basin Support Column
• 11,000 GPH Illumiflow Pump
• Necessary plumbing and water fill kit
• Splash Apron and Anti-Splash Material to cover basin