Triple Spillway Bowl Kit

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Expected release date is Mar 15th 2023


Tiered bowls make a unique fountain with a perpetual spillway

These brass fountains bowls have a beautiful eye-catching aqua patina that makes them appear they've been sitting around in your garden awhile. On display they present a low-profile spilling water feature linked together by spouted waterfalls. What a fun water feature!

Kit includes:

• 18" Dia. Bowl with an 8" Spout
• 24" Dia. Bowl with an 10" Spout
• 28" Dia. Bowl with an 11" Spout
• 12"H & 6"H Matching Pedestals
1,300 gph pump
• 1" Tubing
48" Achelous Basin
• 12" x 12" Anti Splash Mat
5 bags Polished Pebbles