Installing Your Blue Thumb Water Features

Parts to Presentation – Easy Instruction on Bringing it Together

We recommend referring to our water feature installation manuals in the planning stage to head off potential design issues.  

Download to your device for easy access during installation.

Elite Pond WaterGarden Kits

Elite Pond-Less Cascading Falls Kits

DIY Pond-Less Cascading Falls Kits

Retaining Wall Formal Falls® Kits

Real Stone Triple Fountain Kits

Ceramic Vase Fountain Kits

Copper Tree and Flower Fountain Kits

Zenshu Large Stone Fountain Kits

DIY Handcrafted Rock Fountain Kits

Brass Double Bowl Spillway Kit

Brass Triple Bowl Spillway Kit

Metal Spouted Square Urn Fountain Kits

Rustic Sugar Kettle Fountain Kit

Crystal Sphere Fountain Kit

Video Installation Guides

Product Installation Manuals

Blue Thumb's knowledgable Sales & Tech Team is available to answer any of your installation questions!

Text or Call us at 888-619-3474. Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm.


Elite Waterfall

Elite Skimmers

Achelous and Altum Basin

Crystal Falls
Product Guide

Serenity Waterfall
& Skimmer

Cascade Box
& Pump Canyon

Water Feature Maintenance Guides

Looking for water feature maintenance guides and tips?
We have all of those items in one convenient place for you to download directly to your device.