Single Tapered Square Urn Kit

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Nature Meets a Modern Brass Water Vessel

The new spouted Single Tapered Square Urn Kit is an eye-catching twist in any garden. Beautiful aqua patina brass shaped into a modern square vessel creates a unique fountain conversation piece. The angled body adds definition to a softened landscape, with water pouring from the spout to the garden below in a perpetually flowing stream. Choose your fountain size; 30”, 36” or 42”, and as always, Blue Thumb fountain kits come complete with molded basin, pump and plumbing for easy installation and minimal customer care.

The kit includes:

30" Spouted Urn:
• Urn Dimensions: 15" X 15" X 30"H
• Spillway: 5" wide

36" Spouted Urn:
• Urn Dimensions: 18" X 18" X 36"H
• Spillway: 6" wide

42" Spouted Single Urn:
• Urn Dimensions: 21" X 21" X 42"H
• Spillway: 7" wide