Airmax 1 HP PondSeries Fountains

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  • High Flow, Energy Efficient Design
  • Includes 3 Industry Leading Spray Patterns
  • 3 Year Warranty on Fountain & Control Panel
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Airmax PondSeries 1 HP Fountain, 230V

Aerates Ponds up to 1/2 Acre

Product Details:

The Airmax PondSeries 1 HP Fountain is built and engineered for superior performance and long-lasting durability. The patent-pending high flow design is meant to showcase stunning, crisp spray patterns providing a beautiful aerating display. The maintenance-free, energy efficient motor utilizes an innovative cooling shroud design, forcing all water across the motor for maximum cooling and motor longevity. The PondSeries 1 HP Fountain aerates ponds up to 1/2 surface acre, 6' deep.  Larger ponds will require additional diffused air or multiple fountains.

Standard options include: 230V/20A control panel with 2 digital timers and GFCI protections, 3 spray patterns, stainless steel motor and motor lead, oversized modular intake screen as well as power cord with strain relief and underwater disconnect. Fountain includes 3 year warranty, a control panel, 3 cord protection options, and power cord lengths ranging from 100' to 600'.

System Components in the Box:

• Fountain Motor With Underwater Quick Disconnect
• 46" Fountain Float
• Power Cord With Strain Relief
• Airmax 230V/20A Control Panel
• Classic Spray Pattern (already installed - no nozzle required)
• Crown and Trumpet Spray Pattern (interchangeable)
• Trumpet Spray Pattern (interchangeable)


Step 1: Ensure you have power close to your pond. If you don't, we recommend to ALWAYS use a licensed electrician to properly run power down to the pond.

Step 2: Choose your desired spray pattern. Note the classic pattern is already installed. However, the fountain includes two additional spray patterns (Crown & Trumpet and the Trumpet). Pick the one that best suits you or your special event. To change a pattern, place the included O-ring and desired spray pattern on top of the motor then secure it with the included nozzle nut.

Step 3: Assembling the unit: Lay the float flat on the ground with logo facing up. Place the fountain pump assembly into the center of the float. Lift the float straight up and ensure that the fountain pump lead power cord passes through the center hole. Gently lay the fountain to one side. Securely attach the power cord to the fountain pump lead quick disconnect. Attach the power cord strain relief to the loop underneath the float mount ring. Attach a mooring cable (Sold Separately) using two outside mounting locations on opposite sides of the float.

Step 4: Pick up the fountain by the float and place into the water. A minimum of 36" of water is required for proper operation.

Step 5: Anchoring the fountain. Tie one side of the mooring rope to a stake and place the stake securely into the ground. Take the other stake and mooring rope and walk around the pond, carefully pulling the fountain across the water. Once the fountain is in position, tie the 2nd mooring rope to the 2nd stake and place securely into the ground. Ensure both mooring ropes are snug to prevent the fountain from twisting and shifting during operation.

Step 6: Control Panel: We recommend using a licensed electrician to mount and install the control panel.