Elite 16" Small Spillway Falls Kit

Blue Thumb
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PB16KIT - Blue Thumb Elite 16" Small Spillway Falls Kit

  • Max Size: 6'L x 1-2'W Stream
  • Complete kit ready for installation
  • Low-Maintenance

Cascading Falls Kits provide everything you need to create that professional pond-less installation. Perfect for homeowners who want the sights and sounds of a waterfall without the maintenance of a pond. This kit makes a stream approximately 6' long x 1'-2' wide.


Tech Specs

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Item Number

Max Stream Size

3’ Long Stream

7’ Long Stream

5’ L x 1’-2’ W Stream

15’ L x 2’-4’ W Stream

15’ L x 2’-4’ W Stream

16’ L x 4’-5’ W Stream

17’ L x 5’-7’ W Stream


Falls Box









PVC Flex Hose


Pump Canyon®


About our Pond-Less Waterfalls System

Pondless Waterfall Diagram

How it Works

After digging a basin and installing our Basin Matrix & Liner, it's simple to install the Pump & Check Valve Assembly inside a Pump Canyon®. The pump pushes water through the PVC Flex Hose up to the Cascade Box. From there, water flows back into the lined basin and continues to recirculate

Easy Installation with Our Kits

Step 1. Layout appropriate Basin Matrix and Pump Canyon configuration. Outline area with spray paint. Excavate to required size and depth.

Step 2. Install Underliner first, then Rubber Liner. Place Pump Canyon® and Matrix Boxes on top of the liner. Backfill outside the lined basin area.

Step 3. Expand liner up your incline and place Cascade Box on liner over leveled area at the top.

Step 4. Place Pump in the Pump Canyon®. Connect Plumbing from Pump to Casade Box.

Step 5. Cover Matrix and Pump Canyon® with decorative stone. Stack rocks to build the waterfall and stream. Fill with water and plug-in Pump to start.

Pond-Less Waterfall Perfect
for Trouble Areas

This landscape area had a steep slope that could not be planted and mulch would wash away during rains. The perfect solution was adding a pondless feature to this landscape.


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