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Fountain Diagram

How Our Fountain Systems Work

The complete Basin Reservoir kit, using our patented AquaBox system, makes the installation of custom-made fountains simple and affordable.

From the ground up, we have a basin reservoir, which supports the fountain as well as contains the water. The fountain is closed loop, meaning the water recirculates within the system.

Within the basin is one or more pump assemblies for the fountain sitting above. We utilize quick disconnect fittings for ease of installation as well as removal.

The vase fountain is drilled and plumbed with sturdy standpipes, which include an easy to access flow control valve. Flow control for the other fountain systems is attached to the pump.

For additional dramatic lighting during the night time hours, we highly recommend internal or external lighting kits.

To complete the fountain setup, we provide a variety of pebble colors to choose from that will best accentuate the fountain.

Your fountain system is complete. Just add water to begin enjoying the tranquility of your new water feature!

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Vase Fountains

Vase Fountains

Usually made from ceramic or concrete, these colorful fountains provide an elegant look for any home or business.
Bubbling Rock Fountains

GFRC Bubbling Boulders

Lightweight, durable, easy to install. All the beauty of a natural rock fountain without any complications.
Real Stone Fountains

Real Stone Fountains

Offering the most variety of natural stone fountains from around the world, find the sophisticated piece for your landscaping need.
Copper - Metal Fountains

Copper - Metal Fountains

The pinnacle of art, water brings life to these metal sculptures providing an entertaining spectacle for all to see.