Mountain Spring Rock Fountain Kit

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LA4100K - Mountain Spring Rock Fountain Kit

Layered for a gentle waterfall effect, this is one of our most popular Bubbling Boulders. This fountain blends well in any garden landscape.

Each fountain is molded from real stone and made of durable GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), giving them a very natural look and texture. The quality construction ensures many years of durability, yet weighs hundreds of pounds less than identical "real" stone.

This kit includes:

  • GFRC Mountain Spring Rock Fountain
    • Rock Dimensions: 36" x 24" x 24"H
    • Rock Weight: Approx. 75 lbs
  • Reservoir: 48" Achelous AquaBox Basin
    • Basin Dimensions: 51.5" Diameter x 16"H
    • Basin Weight: Approx. 65 lbs
    • Reservoir Capacity: Approx. 95 gallons
  • Pump: Blue Thumb Medium Mag-Drive 800 gph flow
  • Plumbing: Kink-free tubing with quick disconnects, ball valve and required fittings
  • Polished Pebbles



• Fountain Basin Auto Fill Kit

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