5 Metal Fountains to Beautify Any Outdoor Space: Find Your Zen with the Soothing Sounds of Water

Posted by Blue Thumb on Apr 23rd 2024

5 Metal Fountains to Beautify Any Outdoor Space: Find Your Zen with the Soothing Sounds of Water

Studies have shown that the sound of water has a calming effect, lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, and promoting relaxation. Metal fountains, like those we offer here at Blue Thumb, not only add the soothing sound of water to your outdoor space, but their unique designs also enhance your garden's visual appeal.

But with so many options available, how do you choose the right metal fountain for your space? Here, we’ll explore five stunning fountain kits (ranging from corten steel fountains to cast iron, and brass fountain kits) from our catalog, each offering a distinct aesthetic and sound experience, and providing tips on incorporating your chosen fountain into your overall garden design.

The Power of Pausing: Rest, Nature, and the Symphony Within

In a world that loves to push for the grind, it's easy to get caught up in the constant hum of activity. But what if the key to a more fulfilling and productive life lies not in pushing harder, but in taking intentional breaks?

Studies have shown that taking regular breaks, even for short periods, offers a multitude of health benefits. Rest allows our brains to recharge, improving focus and creativity. It also reduces stress hormones, lowering blood pressure and promoting better sleep.

Stepping away from the daily grind and immersing ourselves in nature offers an even greater boost to our well-being. The sights, sounds, and smells of the natural world have a calming effect, reducing anxiety and promoting feelings of peace. Studies have linked time spent outdoors to lower rates of depression, improved cognitive function, and even a strengthened immune system.

Imagine this: you take a break from your workday, stepping outside to find a quiet spot in your garden. A gentle breeze rustles the leaves, and the sound of birdsong fills the air.

Nearby, a fountain (or insert any sound of nature) provides a soothing soundtrack to your moment of pause. As you close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, you feel the tension slowly drain away, replaced by a sense of calm and rejuvenation.

Taking breaks and reconnecting with nature is not a luxury; it's a necessity. By incorporating these practices into your daily routine, you're investing in your physical and mental well-being.

How Metal Fountains Enhance Your Moment of Pause

The concept of pausing and immersing yourself in nature perfectly complements the idea of incorporating a metal fountain into your outdoor space.  As discussed earlier, metal fountains provide the soothing sound of trickling water, a natural element scientifically proven to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Imagine that quiet corner of your garden we envisioned in the previous section. Now, add the gentle sound of water cascading from your metal fountain. This calming melody becomes the centerpiece of your personal sanctuary, a constant reminder to slow down, breathe, and appreciate the beauty around you.

Finding the Perfect Fit: Metal Fountains for Every Style

When choosing a metal fountain, consider the size and style of your outdoor space, as well as your personal preferences. Here are five unique metal fountain kits from Blue Thumb, each offering a distinct aesthetic and sound:

                   corten steel fountains

1. Crystal Sphere Fountain Kit

This contemporary marvel features a sleek acrylic sphere that cascades water, creating a mesmerizing rippling effect. At night, integrated LED lights transform the sphere into a mesmerizing spectacle of color.

 This versatile fountain complements both modern and traditional design styles, making it a perfect centerpiece for any outdoor space.

                   corten steel fountains

2. Triple Spillway Bowl Kit

For those who love a touch of vintage charm, the Triple Spillway Bowl Kit is a delightful option. This kit features three brass bowls with a gorgeous aqua brass patina, arranged in a cascading waterfall design.

The gentle sounds of water flowing from bowl to bowl creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere. Picture this fountain nestled amongst vibrant yellow marigolds – a scene straight out of a painting!

                  corten steel fountains

3. Triple Corten Steel Fountain Urn Kit

Corten steel, with its unique, rusty patina, adds a touch of industrial chic to any outdoor space. The Triple Corten Steel Fountain Urn Kit features three urns with a hand-me-down style spillway, creating a conversation-starting centerpiece. This fountain kit is a perfect choice for those who appreciate a modern aesthetic with a rustic twist.                          corten steel fountains

4. Sugar Kettle Fountain Kit - 48"

The Sugar Kettle Fountain Kit offers a unique blend of history and functionality. This replica cast iron kettle, originally used on Southern plantations, transforms into a charming fountain with a touch of nostalgia.

The gentle sound of water trickling from the kettle creates a peaceful ambiance, while the sturdy cast iron construction ensures durability.


                  corten steel fountains              

5. Creeping Japanese Maple- Complete Kit

This handcrafted copper fountain is a work of art. The meticulously sculpted leaves and realistic branches create a mesmerizing water feature that brings the beauty of nature to your doorstep. Perfect for those seeking a unique and artistic focal point for their garden.

Designing Harmony: Tips for Incorporating Your Metal Fountain

Once you've chosen your perfect metal fountain, it's time to consider how it will fit into your overall garden design. Here are some tips:

  • Scale Matters: Consider the size of your outdoor space when choosing a fountain. A large fountain might overpower a small balcony, while a tiny fountain might get lost in a sprawling backyard.
  • Finding the Right Spot: Think about where the sound of the water will have the most impact. Placing your fountain near a seating area allows you to fully enjoy its calming effect.
  • Complementary Plantings: Surround your fountain with plants that thrive in moist conditions. Choose plants with colors and textures that complement the metal of your fountain.
  • Lighting for Ambiance: Adding solar lights or spotlights can enhance the visual appeal of your fountain at night. The gentle glow of light will create a magical atmosphere in your outdoor space.

By incorporating a metal fountain from Blue Thumb into your outdoor space, you can create the perfect spot in your lot for relaxation and rejuvenation. The sound of trickling water will soothe your soul, while the unique design of your chosen fountain will add a touch of beauty to your garden.

So why wait? Start building your own outdoor oasis today and let the symphony of your metal fountain play the soundtrack to your serenity.