Triple Corten Steel Rusted Fountain Urn Kit

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New Rusted Steel Fountain That Crosses Time

The new spouted Triple Corten Steel Rusted Fountain Urn Kit feels like rusty farm tools repurposed to adorn the garden with a twist. The tooled 19th Century aged metal look of these corten weathered steel fountains is squared-off into a modern industrial fountain design. A perpetual hand-me-down spillway falls brings both history and style together into one eye-catching triple fountain, fitting for either country or city settings. As always, Blue Thumb fountain kits come complete with molded basin, pump and plumbing for easy installation and minimal customer care. Show us what form your landscape plan takes with this fountain!

The Complete Kit includes:

*Since these fountains are made of real corten, you may wish to seal them to prevent rusty water.

30" Spouted Urn:

• Urn Dimensions: 15" X 15" X 30"H
• Spillway: 5" wide
• Weight: 51 lbs

36" Spouted Urn:

• Urn Dimensions: 18" X 18" X 36"H
• Spillway: 6" wide
• Weight: 70.5 lbs

42" Spouted Urn:

• Urn Dimensions: 21" X 21" X 42"H
• Spillway: 7" wide
• Weight: 94 lbs