48" Achelous AquaBox®

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• Suitable for large fountains
• Overall Dimensions: Round 51.5" diameter X 16" high
• Weight: Approx. 65 lbs
• Grate Dimensions: Round 48" dia. x 2.8"H (in 2 halves)
• Reservoir Capacity: Approx. 95 gallons
• Maximum static load: 1,200 lbs
• Includes center support column and pump access cover
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AB48AB - Blue Thumb
48" Achelous AquaBox®

Blue Thumb's patented AquaBox® basins are produced in-house. Our 48" Achelous basin is designed to provide a plentiful water reservoir with strength enough to support expensive and heavy fountains on its manageable, lightweight form. This basin also features a 2-piece removable grate top that includes a cut out for easy pump access with a cover to keep debris out when not in use. Additional support columns may be added when using heavier fountains. Made in the USA.


• Round basin suitable for large fountains
• Overall dimensions 51.5” diameter X 16” high
• Full grate dimensions and basin inner seat 48" dia. x 2.8"H
• 95 gallon capacity
• Maximum static load 1,200 lbs
• Weighs approximately 65 lbs

Basin Kit Includes:
    • Reservoir basin with 4 molded supports
    • 2-piece grate basin cover
    • PVC Center support column
    • Pump access cover

Recommended add-on products:
    • Auto Fill Valve paired with a 30 psi Regulator for automatic water level maintenance
    • Mesh Sediment Screen to reduce debris falling through grate into the basin
    • Splash Apron to help prevent water loss
    • 4-5 bags of Polished Pebbles, in black or mixed, will cover grate when finishing

Tech Specs

36" Achelous Basin - AB36AB 48" Achelous Basin - AB48AB 52" Altum Basin - AB52AB


Overall round basin 39.5" dia. x 16"H
Full cover grate 36 dia." x 2.8"H

Overall round basin 51..5" dia. x 16"H
Full cover grate 48" dia. x 2.8"H

Overall Square 52.5" x 52.5" x 20"H
Full cover grate 48" x 48" x 2.8"

Gallon Capacity

60 Gallons

95 Gallons

220 Gallons

Maximum Static Load

750 lbs

1,200 lbs

2,000 lbs

Product Weight

Approx. 45 lbs

Approx. 65 lbs

Approx. 110 lbs

Fountain Size

For use with Medium Fountains

For use with Large Fountains

For use with Large or Multiple Fountains

Product Resources

48" Achelous Basin
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