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Elite Large 30″ Cascading Falls Kit

In stock

Includes the following:

• 30" Elite Cascade Spillway Box
• Elite Pump Canyon (Vault)
• PondGard Rubber Liner - 15' x 15' & 10' x 20'
• Protective Underliner
• Blue Thumb Illumiflow 6000gph Pump
• Pump Discharge Assembly with Check Valve
• Black PVC Flex Pipe 3" x 25'
• Installation kit with Black Foam
• Basin Matrix - 3 Large - 3 Small
• 8oz Pond Cleaner & Muck Buster

PB30CFK - Blue Thumb Elite Large 30" Cascading Falls Kit

Cascading Falls Kits provide everything you need to create that professional pond-less installation. With four sizes available we’re sure to have a package that will fit appropriately within your landscape design. Perfect for homeowners who want the sights and sounds of a waterfall without the maintenance of a pond. This kit makes a stream approximately 16' long, 4'-5' wide.


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