UltraKlean® Pressurized Biological Pond Filtration

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UltraKlean® Pressurized Biological Pond Filtration

The patented Ultima filter does the work of two, combining The UltraKlean® Pond Filter with high-output ultraviolet clarifier and integrated electronic bulb-saver filters ponds providing crystal-clear water. The included biological media packs tightly together, effectively trapping debris. The high-output UV bulb eliminates single-celled algae which causes single-celled algae (suspended algae) blooms. The Simple to use self-cleaning feature allows for the unit to be backwashed in less than five minutes without opening the canister or getting your hands dirty. A cleaning indicator light will automatically remind you when the filter requires backwashing.

UltraKlean® 2000 Pond Filter Features:

• Provides optimal filtration for ponds up to 2,000 gallons
• High-output 14-Watt ultraviolet clarifier eliminates green water
• Integrated electronic bulb-saver extends bulb life
• Self-cleaning backwash simplifies maintenance
• 3-Year Limited Warranty

UltraKlean® 1500 Pond Filtration Kit Features:

• UltraKlean® 2000 Pond Filter plus 14-Watt UV clarifier
• AquaForce® 1000 Solids-Handling Pond Pump
• 1.5" x 25′ Kink-Free pipe, fittings and hose clamps
• Complete filtration for ponds up to 1,500 gallons
• 3-Year Limited Warranty