Sugar Kettle (Bowl Only)

Sugar Kettle Bowls
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The Sugar Kettle is primarily a product of the South, where large cotton and sugar plantations were located. Since they were made of cast iron, these vessels were also used for cooking on the plantation. The majority of Sugar Kettles were sent off to be melted down for the nation's war efforts during World War 2. We were able to obtain some of these unique treasures and have them reproduced. Our customers use them for planters, water fountains, gardens, and even fire pits. However you choose to use your sugar kettle, it will enhance the beauty of your yard.

Approximate Kettle Bowl Weights:

28" diameter - 24 pounds

33" diameter - 42 pounds

37" diameter - 64 pounds

48" diameter - 122 pounds

59" diameter - 250 pounds

Water Feature: They can be set up individually or tiered for a cascading feature.

Fire Pit: You can burn wood in them, run a gas line to it as an igniter; or use a gas line in coordination with lava rocks, gas logs, or sand.

*Sugar Kettle only, does not come drilled with hole in bottom.