Natural Bowl with Swirl Fountains

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Our Natural Bowls with Swirl Make a Beautiful Triple Fountain Set

Makes a perfect backyard fountain, providing a little splash for thirsty birds and wildlife. The bowled shape has groves cut in a swirl pattern for water to flow through before flowing over the edge and back into its recirculating basin.

Individual Fountain Dimensions:

Small - 18" diameter x 6" high; Approx. stone fountain weight - 240 lbs

Medium - 24" diameter x 9" high; Approx. stone fountain weight - 400 lbs

Large - 30" diameter x 12" high; Approx. stone fountain weight - 535 lbs

Total fountain weight of triple kit: Approx 1,175 lbs

Complete Triple Kit includes:

• 3 Drilled Bowl Fountains - One of each size
52" Altum Molded Basin
1980gph High Efficiency Pump
• Flow Control Valve
• Plumbing & Tubing
• Polished Pebbles

Also available as single fountains