Triple Column Fountain Kit

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Our Triple Column Fountain Kit Creates Elegant Expression

Column Fountains are unique by design and deliver more than just bubbling water. Our "custom fountains" are designed for water to fall with expression, for a more serious statement, to disguise the sounds of your busy neighborhood, or can be calculated with an elegant soothing tone for a more tranquil setting. GFRC Column Fountains create wonderful curb appeal with zero liability in front yard landscapes because there is no standing water and provide soul-soothing tranquility in backyard living spaces, too.

Each Handcrafted GFRC Fountain is molded from an actual stone boulder and prepared by hand at Blue Thumb

  • Small Column 16" x 18" x 18"H; approx 30 lbs
  • Medium Column 16" x 18" x 24"H; approx 45 lbs
  • Large Column 16" x 18" x 28"H; approx 55 lbs
  • Approx. weight of fountains: 130 lbs total

Kit Includes:

  • Extra Large Basin
  • 3200gph IllumiFlow Pump
  • Pump Sock
  • 1.5" flex hose
  • Ball valve
  • Required plumbing fittings


Optional Enhancements:

• Polished Pebbles, 5 bags recommended — Black (#PPBK40) or Mixed Color (#PPMX40)
• Exterior Fountain Lighting — IllumiGlow® Fountain 3 Light Kit (#PB2897)
• Interior Plume Lighting — IllumiGlow® Fountain Plume Light Kit (#PB2903)
Auto Fill Kit (#ABDAUTO)
Splash Apron (#ABBSA36)

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These fountains can be purchased separately, for information call or email our sales department at:


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