Airmax SolarSeries Solar Pond Fountain

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  • Includes 3 Industry Leading Spray Patterns
  • High-Output, American Made Solar Panels
  • Renewable Energy, Zero Operating Costs
  • Variable Patterns for Added Interest
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Airmax SolarSeries Solar Pond Fountain

Aerates Ponds up to 1/2 Acre

Product Details:

Let the sun power your solar pond water fountain display! The SolarSeries Solar Pond Fountain uses renewable energy to produce crisp, beautiful spray patterns for up to 12 hours a day. Solar fountains are ideal for pond owners seeking an alternative energy solution to power their fountain display or for remote locations with no electricity. Once installed, the SolarSeries solar power pond fountain operates solely on 100% renewable energy, eliminating any operating costs.

In full sunlight, the SolarSeries aerating decorative fountain reaches its full height, producing crisp, high-flow spray patterns. As the intensity of sunlight changes, even with passing cloud cover, solar water fountain spray patterns will change in size, adding interest and variety to the visual display.

The SolarSeries Solar Pond Fountain is built with high-quality, professional components for long-lasting durability and easy installation. Standard features include: Controller assembly, low-profile float design, 3 spray patterns, stainless steel motor and motor lead, oversized modular intake screen as well as power cord with strain relief and underwater disconnect. Provides aeration for ponds up to 1/2 surface acre, up to 6’deep. Larger ponds will require the addition of diffused aeration or multiple solar powered fountains.

System Components in the Box:

• Fountain Motor With Underwater Quick Disconnect
• 34" Fountain Float
• Power Cord With Strain Relief
• Airmax Fountain Disconnect Switch & Controller Assembly
• American Made Solar Panels (4)
• EasyMount Assembly (2)
• Classic Spray Pattern (already installed - no nozzle required)
• Crown & Trumpet Spray Pattern (interchangeable)
• Trumpet Spray Pattern (interchangeable)

Spray Pattern Max. Specs:

Classic (Included): 7.5'H x 18'W

Crown & Trumpet (Included): Trumpet: 9.5'H x 6'W, Crown: 4.5'H x 32'W

Trumpet (Included): 14'H x 5.5'W