Bring natural beauty and a serene ambiance to your garden with Blue Thumb's Real Stone Fountains. Basalt Column Fountains showcase the natural beauty of the stone while creating a relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor space. Our Basalt Fountains feature unique cuts and twists that capture the perfect balance between motion and stillness. The textured surface of our Rustic Basalt Fountains creates more movement in water flow, while the Polished and Semi-Polished Basalt Fountains let water glide down the smoothed fountain sides. 

Basalt Column Fountains are growing in popularity because they provide homeowners with all the benefits of a customary water feature, including both audio and visual attraction, with extremely low maintenance. Our Triple Basalt Kits can be a single solitary basalt or better yet grouped together to create a group of three fountains. Each Basalt kit comes complete with our professional molded basin for easy installation as well as the pump, plumbing, and decorative polished pebbles to complete the system. These kits are pre-assembled decreasing your installation time to less than three hours.

All of our Real Stone Fountains are made to ensure quality and durability. Choose from a variety of sizes and designs to find the perfect Blue Thumb Real Stone Fountain for your space.