PondoVac 4 Vacuum

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OA50409 - PondoVac 4 Vacuum

Rugged contractor-friendly vacuum features a patented two-chamber system driven by a 1,800W motor. Enjoy continuous operation even at depths of two meters without experiencing significant loss of suction. Choose from five professional nozzle attachments to power through pond muck, sludge or even stubborn string algae with ease. Rigid extension tubes consist of four rigid tubes and a transparent tube to extend your reach up to ten feet from shore. Fully portable unit with rugged wheels and handle doubles as a compact caddy that neatly stores hose and accessories for easy transport. 20% more powerful than the Pondovac 3. 2.6 gallon capacity. Removes particles up to 3/8".

Includes a 16 ft intake hose with five rigid extension tubes, 8 ft discharge hose, 13 ft power cord, five nozzle attachments, discharge net, and a convenient rack to store and organize accessories.