Millstone Fountain Kit - Angled Style

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Millstone Fountain Kit - Angled Style

Whether the etched pattern is angled or swirl style, our granite Millstone Fountains add a touch of history to any setting. Millstones (also called grist mill stones) have always been symbol of both harvest and hospitality, and make a great conversation starter. These kits come complete with everything you need and are easily added to any landscape plan.

Millstones are relics of an agrarian society. They were used to grind corn into corn meal, or grits. Symbols of harvest and hospitality, they make great garden and patio focal point as a fountain.

Why choose a Blue Thumb Fountain? We work direct with the quarries to supply only the highest quality rocks to be used as fountains. The basin used to support the weight of these dense boulders needs to be of the right thickness and be supportive and not cave over time. Our basins are the best choice when installing a boulder fountain. Please contact us for specifying the correct basin and materials to ensure your project is a success.


• 18" diameter, 4" high
• Weight approx. 96lbs
• Includes: Medium molded fountain basin, 370 gph pump, plumbing, tubing, and 80 lbs black polished pebbles.

• 24" diameter, 4" high
• Weight approx. 180lbs
• Includes: Large molded fountain basin, 530 gph pump, plumbing, tubing, and 120 lbs black polished pebbles.

• 36" diameter, 5" high
• Weight approx. 550lbs
• Includes: 48" Achelous molded fountain basin, 660 gph pump, plumbing, tubing, and 160 lbs black polished pebbles.

View the Millstone Fountain swirl-style video below.