Lily Tub 19.5" Dia x 9.5"h

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PT977 - LAGUNA Lily Tub 19.5" Dia x 9.5"h

Laguna planting tubs provide adequate space for water lilies, lotus and groupings of bog plants. Most hardy lilies grow horizontally across planting containers, making large-size tubs a must. Planting lilies, lotus or bog plants in larger tubs eliminates the need for frequent repotting, allowing plants to grow to their full potential.

  • 19.5" diam x 9.5" H (50 cm x 24 cm) 9 gal.
  • Large, deep tub provides room for tropical or hardy lilies to expand.
  • No holes, prevents earth from escaping.
  • Ideal for planting lilies, lotus and grouping of bog plants.
  • Makes planting and maintenance easy.
  • Simple to use.