Coral Marble Fountain - 4 Sides Smooth

1 triple fountain set
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These are natural stone cuts, coloring may vary.
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Artisan Real Stone Fountain Kit cut from a soft peachy coral marble.

A "transitional" fountain design that offers today's popular color trends with stone cut in a formal design. Each piece has 4 smooth sides and is a wonderful addition to any landscape.

Figure approximate weight for these fountains at 6 lbs per each inch of height.

Real Stone Fountain Triple Kit Includes:

  • Small Column Fountain: 6" X 9.5" X 18" high
  • Medium Column Fountain: 6" X 9.5" X 24" high
  • Large Column Fountain: 6" X 9.5" X 30" high
  • 48" Achelous molded fountain basin
  • 1495 gph Mag-Drive pump
  • Flow control valve
  • Plumbing & Tubing
  • 200 lb Black Polished Pebbles