What Type of Pond is Right For You?

Posted by Blue Thumb on Mar 17th 2021

What Type of Pond is Right For You?

Consider a Pond-less Water Feature!

Are you thinking about installing a Koi Pond or Garden Pond, but unsure which is right for your property?

Here are a few things to consider before you decide which type of pond is the right fit for your home.

Koi Pond

A koi pond provides a vibrant and dramatic focal point for your yard. Koi Ponds are typically easy to install but do require more maintenance and care than other types of ponds. Koi themselves increase the amount of care and attention. More filtration and care are required to maintain a healthy and thriving habitat for the Koi.

Some Considerations of Koi Ponds

  • Careful consideration must be made regarding filtration and treatments to ensure a healthy habitat.
  • Koi ponds bring their own wildlife to the table. The pond should be at a depth to allow for the koi to keep away from surface predators and birds.
  • It takes time to create a gorgeous koi pond. Be patient as the ecosystem establishes itself including plant life.

Some Advantages of Koi Ponds

  • Aesthetically appealing. A koi pond can add elegance and style to your garden.
  • Koi ponds offer stress relief and are an ideal way to spend your evenings.
  • Real estate value. You can add to the value of your property by installing a koi pond.

Water Gardens

A water garden is another great option for your pond. It allows vegetation of all types to flourish. It also makes for a beautiful backyard feature. Most water gardens include running water, stonework, and breathtaking plants.

Some Considerations of Water Gardens

  • Algae is a major consideration for any water garden. Proper Filtration including biological, mechanical, and even UV are some of the best combatants against algae.
  • Finding the right balance with plant life can be difficult, patients is key! It may take time for the plant life to establish and begin showing positive results.
  • Monitoring growth levels, water treatments, and general care for water a garden can become a hobby unlike any other.

Some Advantages of Water Gardens

  • Beautiful wildlife comes and goes into your yard because of the water gardens.
  • Flexible enough to meet any customization preferences you may have.
  • Real estate value. You can add to the value of your property by installing a Water Garden.
  • Complement your environment with a beautiful Water Garden and the sound of moving water.

Pond-less Water Feature

Bring flowing water into your space with a water feature. Uniquely designed to add elegance and style, a water feature is ideal for creating a focal point in your space. For most, a pond-less water feature brings the sights and sounds of a pond without the added level of care and maintenance.

Some Considerations of Pond-less Water Features

  • Can demand a large amount of space.
  • Monitoring is required.

Some Advantages of Pond-less Water Features

  • Low maintenance.
  • Creates a beautiful focal point featuring flowing water. 

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