Types of Water Features: From Fountains to Waterfalls to Ponds—Choosing Your Slice of Paradise

Posted by Blue Thumb on Sep 29th 2023

Types of Water Features: From Fountains to Waterfalls to Ponds—Choosing Your Slice of Paradise

Hey, you there! Yes, you, the one scrolling through Pinterest boards full of lavish water features and imagining how marvelous your own backyard could look. Trust us, you’re not alone. Who wouldn’t want their personal sanctuary to be filled with the tranquil sounds of trickling water and the mesmerizing sight of light reflecting off a glass-like surface?

“But where do I start? What’s the right water feature for me? Is this going to be like that time I tried to grow an indoor herb garden and ended up with a basil graveyard?” we hear you ask. Don’t fret, water feature dreamer! We’re here to walk you through your options so you can find the one that makes your heart sing—or at least hum a relaxing tune.

1. Fountains: The Gateway to Water Features


Ah, the classic fountain. It's like the appetizer to a five-course meal of water features, offering a sample of the bliss that water can bring to any space. Whether it's a tiered masterpiece or a simple, modern spout, fountains are relatively easy to install and maintain. Plus, they're great for smaller spaces or as an intro into the wider world of water wonders.

2. Bird Baths: A Twitter-Worthy Choice

We’re talking about real birds tweeting, not the 280-character kind. Bird baths are perfect for those who want the joys of a water feature plus the added bonus of bird-watching. Think of it as a small oasis that serves as your contribution to the local ecosystem. Plus, the pictures you can snap are totally Instagrammable!

3. Water Gardens: A Pond's Chic Cousin

water garden is like that cool, artsy friend who wears vintage clothes and listens to vinyl records. These shallow ponds are all about the aquatic plants, from colorful water lilies to elegant rushes. Imagine sipping your morning coffee next to a mini Monet landscape.

4. Waterfalls: The Showstopper

For the drama lovers among us, waterfalls provide that wow-factor. They're the Beyoncé of water features—commanding, beautiful, and never failing to steal the show. Whether it's a cascading stone waterfall or a sleek, modern wall of water, this is the choice for those who want their outdoor space to be a real jaw-dropper.

5. Ponds: A Whole New World

If you’re in for the long haul and want to commit to a genuine aquatic paradise, ponds are the way to go. Fish, plants, maybe even a cute wooden bridge—the possibilities are as endless as the kinds of koi you can host. Ponds do require a bit more upkeep, but the payoff? Your own self-contained ecosystem and a serious boost to your property's curb appeal.

6. Stream: The Subtle Sophisticate

Streams are the unsung heroes of water features, adding a touch of refinement without screaming for attention. Ideal for winding through garden beds or under small footbridges, streams bring movement and life to any outdoor space.

Decisions, Decisions...

So, what’ll it be? A quaint birdbath to watch the robins splash about? A jaw-dropping waterfall that’ll make you the envy of the entire neighborhood? Or a serene pond filled with graceful koi? The beauty is, there’s a water feature for every taste, budget, and backyard size.

Remember, you’re not just buying a water feature—you’re investing in a lifestyle, a slice of paradise you can call your own. And let’s be honest, after this past year (or two, or three), haven’t we all earned a little slice of paradise?