The Perfect Match: Choosing a Fountain Urn to Complement Your Garden

Posted by Blue Thumb on Apr 24th 2024

The Perfect Match: Choosing a Fountain Urn to Complement Your Garden

There’s something about the gentle murmur of water that makes it seem a little bit cooler even on a hot day. More than that though, a fountain urn can be a stunning focal point in your garden.

However, if you really want to bring out the beauty of your water feature, consider the plants you place around it. The right selection can create a visually cohesive and healthy landscape, transforming your fountain urn into a vibrant oasis.

That said, let’s explore just which plants would be able to thrive near water features. We'll take a look at several factors to consider when choosing your botanical companions, offer specific plant recommendations, and show you how to create a harmonious garden scene that complements the beauty of your Blue Thumb fountain urn.

Finding the Perfect Match: Selecting Plants for Your Fountain Urn

Choosing plants for your fountain urn isn't just about aesthetics. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  • Moisture Needs: Plants near fountains benefit from the extra humidity, but some varieties require consistently moist soil. Consider plants that can tolerate wet feet, like ferns or water lilies.
  • Sun Exposure: The amount of sunlight your fountain urn receives will influence plant selection. Shade-loving plants like hostas will do well near a north-facing fountain, while sun-loving herbs or ornamental grasses might thrive near a south-facing urn.
  • Size and Scale: Consider the mature size of the plants you choose. Select plants that won't overwhelm your fountain urn (like the classic Stoned Urn Fountain Kit) or crowd other elements in your garden.
  • Visual Harmony: Think about the overall look you're aiming for. Flowing foliage can complement the movement of the water, while vibrant blooms can add a touch of color.

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Planting Powerhouses: Top Plant Picks for Fountain Urns

Now that you know the key considerations, let's explore some fantastic plant options for your fountain urn:

  • Ferns: These shade-loving plants come in various textures and sizes, adding a lush, green feel to your fountain. They thrive in the moist environment near the water feature. Consider varieties like maidenhair fern or Japanese painted fern.
  • Hostas: Another shade-loving favorite, hostas offer beautiful foliage in a range of colors and patterns. Their clumping form creates a textural contrast against the smooth lines of fountain urns like the sleek Milano Fountain Kit.
  • Water Lilies: If you have a fountain urn with a larger basin, consider adding water lilies. These floating beauties add a touch of elegance and provide shade for the water, helping to minimize algae growth.
  • Ornamental Grasses: For a touch of movement and texture, ornamental grasses like blue fescue or maiden grass are excellent choices. They thrive in sunny locations and add a whimsical element to your fountain scene.
  • Herbs: Plant herbs like mint, chives, or parsley near your fountain urn for a functional and fragrant addition. They'll enjoy the extra moisture and provide you with fresh herbs for your culinary creations.

Creating a Cohesive Landscape: Blending Plants and Fountain Urns

Once you've chosen your plants, consider how to arrange them for a visually pleasing effect. Here are some tips:

  1. Play with Height: Use a mix of tall and short plants to create depth and visual interest. Taller plants can be placed at the back, while cascading varieties can soften the edges of your fountain urn.

For low-growing plants, for example, you can consider the following:

  • Ferns: Delicate and shade-loving, choose fern varieties like maidenhair ferns or Japanese painted ferns for a lush green effect.
  • Creeping Jenny: This fast-growing spiller plant cascades beautifully over the edges of your urn, adding a touch of whimsy and visual interest.

For taller plants, you can consider these plants:

  • Elephant Ears: These architectural plants with large, dramatic leaves add a touch of the tropics to your fountain urn. They prefer full sun and moist soil.
  • Lesser Switchgrass: This ornamental grass provides vertical interest and graceful movement in your urn arrangement. It tolerates a range of light conditions and moist soil.
  1. Color Coordination: Choose plants with foliage or blooms that complement the color of your fountain urn. Blue Thumb offers a variety of fountain urn styles, like the classic Genova Fountain Kit or the rustic Stoned Urn Fountain Kit. Select plants that enhance the overall aesthetic.

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  2. Texture Contrast: Combine plants with different leaf textures, like smooth hostas with feathery ferns, for a more dynamic look.

Blending Beauty with Blue Thumb Fountain Urns

The fountain urn kits available at Blue Thumb provide everything you need to create a stunning water feature.  These kits come with beautiful urns in various styles, from classic to contemporary, allowing you to choose the perfect one to complement your garden design.

Visit our website to take a look at all the vase fountains that we have available here at Blue Thumb, and brighten up your garden with the perfect water feature.