BTTBK036 - Grand Canyon Red Onyx Fountain Kit

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BTTBK036 - Grand Canyon Red Onyx Fountain Kit

We have commissioned artists from the around the country to find unique stones, boulders, and columns, and craft them into works of art. Each piece shaped by nature and perfected by the hands of the artist, transforms your garden space, seducing the senses with the subtle sounds and movement of water. No matter the size of your garden the addition of a fountain will add elegance and value, but more importantly, a sense of personal well-being.

These unique fountains are custom configured, depending upon the height of the stone, and the nature of the installation. Call today to obtain your own masterpiece and enjoy the many benefits it provides.



• Measures: 9" X 4" X 47" high
• Kit includes: 48" Achelous Basin, Basin Splash Apron, 1110 gph Mag-Drive Pump, Flow Control Valve, Tubing, Plumbing, and 200 lb of Polished Pebbles

47.00 (in)