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Small Formal Falls Kit

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• Formal Falls Basin - 42 Gallon (44.125" x 22" x 16"H)
• Stainless Spillway Weir (16" wide)
• Blue Thumb ClearWater 1800gph Pump
• Pump Prefilter Sock
• Pump Discharge Assembly
• PVC Primer & Cement
• Flex Hose (kit assumes 24" high waterfall)  

PBFFSMK - Blue Thumb Small Formal Falls Kit

Get your Formal Falls started today. This kit includes the necessary parts you need to get up and running in no time, with a pump, plumbing and the necessary pieces to hook up to the Stainless Spillway. Wall block & decorative stone sold separately. Also available with Color Changing LED Light PBFFSMKL (Each Kit Sold Separately)
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