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Fountain Kit - Rocking Bamboo

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ABBF20K - Aqua Bella Fountain Kit - Rocking Bamboo

The Rocking Fountain, “deer-scarer” or “shi-shi-o-do-shi” was originally designed to scare away deer and wild boar. The spout fills with water and rocks forward to empty, then rocks back to make a gentle clacking sound. This combination of movement along with the sound of water combine to create a captivating water feature.

  • Rocking Bamboo
  • Mini Basin
  • 180gph Mag-Drive Pump
  • Small Pump Sock
  • Kink-free tubing with quick disconnects, ball valve and required fittings
  • 20 lbs. Black Polished Pebbles
  • Overall height 20"
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Height (inches) 20"
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