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TrueRock Mini Boulder Cover Rock

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A510403 - TrueRock Mini Boulder

Realistic Faux Rock. Vented for Maximum Airflow. Protects Equipment From Weather! Unless you go and knock on these "rocks", you'd never know they weren't the real thing! By far, the most realistic rock covers on the market. Perfect for protecting aeration units or hiding unsightly yard blemishes. Durable fiberglass construction makes the TrueRock™ extremely rugged yet light enough to be easily moved. These rocks are hand painted, so every rock is unique! Made in the USA.

  • Realistic Faux Rock
  • Vented for Maximum Airflow
  • Protect Equipment From Weather
  • Dimensions: 10" L x 8" W x 5" H
  • Shown in Greystone
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