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MuckAway Pellets 4#

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A570108 - Pond Logic MuckAway Pellets 4#

MuckAway Pellets are designed for spot treatments for accelerated Muck reduction on beaches and shoreline.

  • Dissolves muck into a odorless gas, allowing it to escape unnoticed from the water column
  • Eliminates Odors associated with dead vegetation
  • Great for spot treating troublesome areas such as, beaches and shorelines
  • Safe for people, pets, fish, waterfowl & wildlife.

How do MuckAway Pellets reduce mucky bottoms?
Muck is caused by rotting vegetation, leaves, twigs and fish waste that accumulate on the bottom of your pond. MuckAway Pellets are a special blend of highly concentrated beneficial bacteria. Designed for spot-treating, they go to work on contact to rapidly dissolve organic waste into an odorless gas which escapes unnoticed out of the water column. MuckAway Pellets are so effective that when used regularly you can remove up to 5 inches of muck per year!

Dosage Rate:
Use ONE scoop per 1,000 sq. ft. of treatment area. Example: To treat a beach area that consists of 100' of shoreline and extends 20' out into the pond or lake: 100 x 20 = 2,000 sq. ft. = TWO scoops of pellets.

How to Apply:
Broadcast MuckAway evenly over the treatment area by scoop or spreader.

When to Apply:
Apply every 2-4 weeks when water temperatures are above 50°F. Treatment should continue until desired results are achieved.
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