ClearLake™ Muck Eliminator Tablets

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Features & Benefits:

  • Removes Organic Muck & Waste
  • Removes Up To 3 Feet Of Muck A Year
  • Use In High Traffic Areas or Over Entire Lake Bed
  • Reduces Rotten Hydrogen Sulfide Odor
  • Helps Reduce Fish Disease & Foul Taste

Available Sizes: 4 lb. (Item#: 40.8213), 8 lb. (Item#: 40.8214), 24 lb. (Item#: 40.8215)

Compare Against Competition: ClearLake Muck Eliminator: 4 lbs. Every 4 Weeks/Competitors: 12 lbs. Every 4 Weeks

ClearLake™ Muck Eliminator Tabs remove muck and odor in high traffic zones like beaches, shorelines, docks and swimming areas by utilizing highly concentrated and specialized bacteria strains to do their work. ClearLake™ Muck Eliminator Tabs quickly fall through the water column and sink into bottom muck where they begin to grow and spread, slowly digesting organic material as their colonies exponentially multiply.

For best results spread ClearLake™ Muck Eliminator Tabs evenly over the surface of the pond or lake so tablets fall uniformly to the bottom. ClearLake™ Muck Eliminator Tabs can be applied to the entire water body or in targeted area of application such as a shoreline, beach-front or around docks.

Initial Application: 6 lbs. Per Surface Acre of Water

Maintenance Application: 2 to 3 lbs. Per Surface Acre Every 2 Weeks

1 Tab = ¼ oz.

*If you are unsure of how much product to use please use the treatment calculator.