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Pond Logic Liquid PondClear Gallon

by Airmax, Inc.

Product code: A570106

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A570106 - Pond Logic Liquid PondClear Gallon

Pond Clear utilizes specially formulated strains of bacteria to help create a healthy pond ecosystem, reducing mucky bottoms and providing sparkling clear water. If you're not adding specialized bacteria or running an aeration system, the bacteria currently working in your pond are mainly anaerobic, meaning they do not require oxygen to survive. Anaerobic bacteria will decompose organics at an extremely slow rate while producing by-products such as a "rotten egg" smell and black muck. Anaerobic bacteria are also relatively ineffective at oxidizing nutrients suspended in the water column. Aerobic bacteria, found in Pond Clear, use oxygen and are capable of decomposing organics at an accelerated rate. Formulated with specialized strains of bacteria, Pond Clear produces no foul smelling by-products and does not contribute to black muck.

How to apply:
Apply directly out of the container. Pond Clear Liquid works best when poured in several spots along the shoreline.

When to apply:
Apply every two weeks when water temperatures are above 50° F. Wait 3 days after an algaecide and/or herbicide treatment to apply.

Pond Size (Surface Acres) Dosage Rate (every 2 weeks) 4 Month Supply
Up to 1/4 Acre 2 quarts 4 gallons
Up to 1/2 Acre 3 quarts 6 gallons
Up to 3/4 Acre 4 quarts 8 gallons

For ponds larger than 1 surface acre, use 1 gallons per surface acre every 2-4 weeks.


Airmax, Inc.
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