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Serenity WaterGarden Kit

by PondBuilder

Product code: PBSERENITYgrp

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Serenity WaterGarden Kit 6' x 8'
Serenity WaterGarden Kit 8' x 11'


PondBuilder Serenity Complete DIY WaterGarden Kit

Manufactured using the same principles of our stronger products without as many of the added features and benefits. The Serenity Series works best on ponds 1000 gallons and smaller. Great for new or existing ponds and watergardens! Waterfall biologically Filters & Aerates the Water making the Pond Safe for Fish while Keeping the Pond Water Clean & Clear! The skimmer skims the pond of debris before it can settle to the bottom and turn into sludge.

Serenity Pond Kits come complete with:

  • Fish-Friendly Rubber Liner
  • Protective Underliner
  • Serenity™ Mechanical Skimmer
  • Serenity™ Biological Waterfall
  • PondBuilder™ Clear Water Pump
  • Check Valve Assembly
  • 1.5” PVC Flex Pipe (16’)
  • Pond Maintenance Kit
  • Complete Instructions including DVD
  • Four Color Packaging

Item # Max Pond Size Liner Size Approx. Pond Gallons Pump Flow Rate PVC Flex Pipe
PB1205 >6'x8' 10'x12' 550 1800 gph 1.5"x16'
PB1212 8'x11' 12'x15' 1000 1800 gph 1.5"x16'