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Provence Fountain Kit - FNT3001

by Aqua Bella

Custom item - Please call for price.
Product code: FNT3001

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview:

Fountain dimsenions: 25"w x 24"h

Fountain kit includes:
• 36" Achelous basin-reservoir
• 800gph Mag-Drive pump
• 1watt - 2500K LED light
• Plumbing, attachments, flow control valve
• 4 bags polished pebbles


Blue Thumb Fountain Vase Kits

It's a breeze to add the calming sounds of flowing water to your home or business landscape. The vases featured in the Blue Thumb collection are naturally rustic. Craftsmen intentionally glaze each piece unevenly, creating subtle variations in color and texture that transform each fountain into a distinctive, original piece of art.

Our vases are high-fired, robust, durable, and made to last, offering you years of enjoyment. You can rely on our fountain kits to come complete with everything you need to make installation easy. Each kit includes:
• A ceramic vase as shown in the main picture
• Bulkhead fitting with standpipe assembly with flow control valve
• AquaBox fountain basin reservoir with a pre-plumbed automatic water fill valve
• Submersible pump
• Kink-free tubing with quick disconnects
• Water Treatments
• Your choice of Polished Pebbles to cover the AquaBox

We also offer other packages to enhance your enjoyment and alleviate maintenance tasks. Some of our most-popular options include:
• LED light mounted on the standpipe inside the vase to light the plume of water.
• Basin aprons added to taller fountains help contain splash on windy days.

Fountains enhance an array of spaces including:
• Gardens
• Entryways
• Driveways
• Courtyards

Peaceful, elegant and timeless fountains bring auditory and visual beauty together to provide pleasure to everyone. Blue Thumb carries fountains that come in countless sizes, designs, materials, and colors.

Blue Thumb fountains are patent protected by US Patent #7,341,203.

What makes a Blue Thumb Vase so unique?

When you work with Blue Thumb, you know your vase is high-fired, robust, and durable. We rely on a unique 4-step process in our facility to ensure that your fountain is easy to install and ready to provide you with years of beauty and enjoyment.

1. We work exclusively with high-quality manufacturers of ceramic products. Not every ceramic pot can be turned into a vase. Firing temperatures, ceramic thickness, and heating/cooling times determine whether a vase can withstand the constant pressure of water inside.

2. Each hand-glazed fountain vase in our collection has an individual character and is a distinctive, original piece of art. The rustic stoneware and glazed earthenware fountain vases featured in our collection were created from clay soils on pottery wheels or through the use of press molds.

3. We thoroughly clean and expertly inspect each vase for imperfections or defects.

4. Our proprietary system simplifies connecting the vase and pump assembly. We drill and plumb each vase with a 1” bulkhead fitting. Each vase comes with a standpipe assembly with flow-control ball valve. Utilizing a quick disconnect system and kink-free tubing, simply attach the quick disconnects to the underside of the vase as well as at the discharge of the pump and you are ready!

There isn’t a more complete and professional-grade fountain system available on the market. The best part is we deliver right to your door, ready for installation - Just Add Water!


Aqua Bella
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