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Stone of Heaven Fountain

by Aqua Bella

Product code: ABSH100

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Quick Overview:


• 12.5" X 12.5", 12.5" high
• Approximately 200 lbs
• Includes large molded fountain basin, 800 gph mag-drive pump, plumbing, tubing, and black polished pebbles.


ABSH100 - Aqua Bella Stone of Heaven Fountain

According to the ancient Indian philosophy found in the Veda books, the cubical shape of the fountain is a symbol of primal, unified energy.

The size and proportion of the Stone of Heaven have been calculated to resonate with the energy of nature.

According to the Chinese Tao philosophy found in the I Ching, the six-line symbol engraved on the Stone of Heaven represents Heaven. The design is a timeless hexagram, or pure Yang. Per the I Ching, it represents "strength, firmness, life, innate knowledge, primal unified energy."


Aqua Bella