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Airmax Aeration

Airmax Aeration

Our most popular aeration systems.


Kasco Aeration

A name you can trust.

Pond-less Kits

Surface Aeration

Offers the highest oxygen production.

Why pond depth matters

The deeper a diffuser plate is placed in your pond, the more area it can effectively aerate. Shallow ponds, or ponds with irregular shapes & bends, require more diffuser plates per surface acre.

Shallow Water Pond Aeration

In shallow ponds, the column of diffused air is not able to “open” as far which limits the effective area of each plate. The bends and curves in irregular shaped ponds block the circulation provided by an aeration system which creates the need for more plates to reach isolated sections of your pond.

Deep Water Pond Aeration

As diffused air leaves the diffuser plate, it rises to the pond’s surface in a V pattern, creating a current. The higher this pattern is able to rise, the wider it becomes which allows it to circulate a greater volume of water.

Be PROACTIVE and install an aeration system today! Improve water clarity, reduce algae growth, and increase dissolved oxygen levels within 90 days. Call us and we will help you design an aeration system that works for you.